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Tips for choosing the Right Dock Lines
When you own a boat, you have to find the best way to keep it secure. Strong winds and waves move your boat around when you dock; hence essential to ensure that you use dock lines to secure your boat. However, when you embark on your search for the best dock lines, there are some essential factors for you to consider to ensure that you choose the best dock line. This depends on the type of boat you own, your needs, and your budget. Dock lines come in multiple varieties, colors, make, lengths, diameters, etc.
Your first step should be evaluating your needs, then buying the most suitable mooring line.
Whether you want to secure your boat in a transient slip or a permanent slip, one of the essential aspects is making sure that you buy the correct dock lines. This can be a daunting process, especially when selecting from multiple options available in the market. Most boat line suppliers will always convince you that their boat line selections are always the best. However, your role is to evaluate the various type and invest in a suitable boat line.
The following are perfect guidelines to help you pick the best boat line based on their size, length, durability, construction, and materials. Keep reading to learn more;
First, consider material. Boat lines come in various materials. The most common include Dacron. This type of boat line is common in many sailing vessels. Dacron boat lines are available in multiple color patterns; However, you need a dock line that can stretch easily. In this case, Dacron may not suit your needs. You can buy polypropylene. The Dock line designed for this material comes at a reasonable rate, and it floats.
In most cases, polylines are mainly used for water sports, including towing rafts or waterskiing. This type stays afloat and away from your propeller. It is pretty affordable. However, poly boat lines may not have sufficient strength to keep your boats well secured if you need a more robust boat line.
One of the most recommended dock lines is the one designed with nylon. Nylon boat lines are unique compared to others. This is because it has different qualities that make the nylon boat line the best. This includes;- elasticity. The ideal boat line should be elastic and one that can stretch. Nylon has these two attributes making it an ideal material option for designing a quality boat line. Nylon quickly absorbs the sudden strains and stresses caused by strong ocean winds and waves. Hence dos do not tighten suddenly. Instead, it can dissolve the sudden movements when it stretches.
Nylon is also strong.
This makes nylon dock lines the perfect option to hold your boat in the waters. This material is also resistant to mildew and rot. Therefore, even when exposed to water, you are assured that it won’t break easily. Environmental stressors cannot affect a nylon dock line.
It remains strong when exposed to fuel, chemicals, or ultraviolet radiation. Nylon is also affordable, making it a common type of boat line for your needs.

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